Student insights: Entries by members of the Spring 2011 farm class

 Though winter shows no signs of abating any time soon, Cornercopia Farm is all a aflutter with new activity. We've got a fresh, eager crop of students in class--our biggest yet--and we're charging into the new growing season at full steam. Among our many projects is revamping and collaborating on this blog.

Even more than usual, the students in this spring's Student Organic Farm course come from diverse backgrounds and have diverse interests in sustainable food and farming.  This blog project is a class assignment, but more importantly, it's an open-ended showcase for the unique, rich, multidisciplinary experiences and perspectives they bring to our farm.

Here, our students can tell a little piece of their story and share a little of what they have to teach.

Every week we'll feature the work of three or four new students, and it's anybody's guess what they'll come up with. Check back often over the semester, and enjoy!

Michael Pursell, Blog Editor

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