We begin our husbandry.

Our class has begun. Amid the flurries of January we begin our husbandry; small pea shoots set for market. Our thoughts turn forward towards wetter, warmer times,
laughable as the mountains of snow continue to grow outside our doorsteps. Nonetheless, we begin our annual christening of the age-old practice of agriculture. Our emergence is hastened through our ability to utilize greenhouses – allowing the fickle stage of germination to proceed with ample buffer from the tardiness of warmth or surprise of frost.

But soon (hopefully) we will be able to venture into the outdoors – tool in hand and soil under fingertips. I hope my fellow peers will reflect upon a few thoughts that have cross my mind. I came to this class to learn better how to grow organically; I hoped for an array of individuals, coming from experiences as varied as our anticipated garden ecology. I hope most of all that the seeds we sow shall bear delight upon many an appetite.

Elise Schiffman (photos by Jason Kopp used with permission)

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