A word on tool care

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Without tools, farming becomes a nightmare task more akin to torture than acceptable employment. It stands to reason that a considerable section of time should be devoted to the care and maintenance of the things that make our lives much easier.

This does often require a small amount of research to gain the necessary information to achieve this. Any and all time invested will be well worth it. The more that can be learned about, for instance, how to sharpen a tool, the longer each tool’s life span can be stretched. A dull blade can be dangerous, too, though an improperly sharpened blade is just wasted time. It will become a dull blade quickly, causing possible injuries and more lost time to sharpen it correctly.
 Tool handles are also a key factor. Nothing is worse than digging a splinter out of your hand that came from one of your own tools. It is truly amazing how self-inflicted pain will remind you to put the post hole diggers back in the shed when you are done. Hammers are also good tool-handle-lesson-providers. A wobbly hammer head can fly off at the most inopportune times. In most instances, a simple overnight soak in automotive coolant will fix the problem. There is the hammer face to consider as well (the part that actually hits stuff). If there are cracks or chips, these can break off and become flesh-ripping shrapnel as they fly past at blinding speeds.
There is a mountain of information available free to anyone who looks for it concerning care and maintenance of tools.  If you don’t have much time to invest in your tools, lots of this upkeep can be taken care of at your local hardware store. It is well worth the minimal cost or effort required to properly take care of a tool. It will save money and injuries in the long run.
Jake Davis

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