Planting Update 4/25/12

By Terry Scott Nelson

The Cornercopia Farm has been moving along smoothly as the days warm up and draw closer to the average last frost date. To get a jump start on the season we’ve been planting green’s in high tunnels. Cornercopia has two high tunnels in production, one growing kale and the other growing spinach. In the confines of the high tunnels we are conducting an experiment to determine if mulched greens grow better than un-mulched greens. For each high tunnel one side is mulched and the other side is un-mulched with path runs along the middle of the structure to separate the experiments. This last week we re-mulched the two high tunnels and took temperature readings. After taking the temperature readings we found that the mulched soil was significantly warmer than the un-mulched soil by 16 degrees F. Mulched was calculated at 77 degrees F and the un-mulched was calculated at 59 degrees F.
In the last week the farm has also been sowing seed and transplanting for many species of vegetable crops. Cilantro, Summer Savory, and our third planting of Spinach were sown this week, while tomatoes were transplanted. Two weeks ago Basil, Borage, Lettuce/Salad Mix, Nasturtiums, Rutabaga, Turnips and our second planting of beets were sown. We have also been sowing seeds and growing up transplants for City Fresh, a program that connects city kids with fresh vegetables.


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