This Week At Cornercopia

Happy Friday from Cornercopia! We've had a pretty eventful week here at the farm. We hope all of you stayed safe and dry through all the tumultuous weather this week. The summer storms have been causing a bit of trouble on the farm. Some heavy winds gave our poor chickens quite a scare when it lifted up a few of our "chicken tractors" and letting some of them loose in the field. Thankfully, we were able to return almost all of them to their homes and they're now safe and sound. The wind also lifted up some of the landscaping fabric around our tomato plants with a few plant casualties but we've managed to staple it all down again (and hopefully keep it that way through the next storms).

The rainfall yesterday (and the flash flood warning that came with it) kept us inside planting another round of greens. Some of the interns also went over some food safety and record-keeping training material. Our rain gauge out by one of the allium patches recorded 3 inches of rain yesterday which, while it was happening wasn't so fun, but, with the warm weather that has followed it, is going to be great for our crops!

That's a lot of rain!!
Our berries loved all that rain!
We hope that lots of our fruit crops will be on their way to our market stands soon with the boost they've gotten from all this rain.

Speaking of market stands, we had our first market stand of the year outside of Andrew Boss Meat Lab on the St. Paul campus on Wednesday! We had lots of greens, herbs and some garlic and onion tops for our customers and set up along side our friends from the UMN Mycology Club. Thanks to all who came out to see us! We hope to be there every Wednesday from now until the end of our season.

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