2015 Internship Positions!

2015 Cornercopia Student Organic Farm Internships

All Internships (Research & UMSOF Positions)
Working hours on the student organic farm are typically 8 am (or earlier) until 3 or 4pm M-F. Weekend and evening hours can be put in but not exclusively. Weekly group intern meetings and field walks will be held so that everyone understands the goals for the week. There is a fair amount of overlap with duties between all interns. Non-market managers will help out at the farmer’s market. Everyone will help plant, weed, harvest and process crops.

Marketing Manager Position
The sales/marketing manager is responsible for the marketing activities focusing on product, pricing, promotion and placement. Duties may include but are not limited to:

*Coordinating harvesting and post-harvest processing
*Taking inventory pre- and post-market
*Coordinating the market stand
*Ability to project/determine the demands & needs of the market
*Website, facebook and email updates
*Various record-keeping

This position is typically 15-30 hours a week Mid May through September. Often Cornercopia hires two marketing managers which share the responsibilities for both Minneapolis and St. Paul market stands. Cornercopia Student Organic Farm has established markets that this position would follow up with in addition to exploring new options. Both market stands are currently on Wednesdays (11-2 in MPLS, 3-5 in St. Paul).

Volunteer Coordinator Position
Volunteers are an essential part of our labor strategy on the farm and we have lots of interest from all types of people in volunteering on the student organic farm. Recruiting and communicating with volunteers and utilizing them effectively is the motive behind this position. In past years we have organized a number of crop mob volunteer days which were highly successful (20-30 people gathering to volunteer on a weekend day for bigger projects, lunch provided). The Volunteer Coordinator would be encouraged to continue organizing crop mobs and other such events. This has typically been a 20-25 hour a week position Mid May through September. In 2015 we are planning on hosting several UDS crop mobs and working on partnering with master gardeners for volunteering opportunities as well.

Duties include:
*Recruitment of volunteers
*Schedule dates & times for volunteer workers
*Assignment of tasks to volunteers as needed

Outreach Coordinator
An important component of the mission of the Student Organic Farm is reaching out to our surrounding community to develop relationships that benefit the University community and our neighbors. The intern filling this position will both work on the Student Organic Farm becoming familiar with all farm operations and perform outreach activities on the farm and potentially in the community. About half of the time will be spent in day to day farm operations, and half of the time on developing other community outreach connections. In the past Cornercopia has conducted outreach activities to a wide range of audiences everyone from elementary age school groups through middle and high school groups, incoming freshmen, and college students, to alumni and the general public. This position is typically 15-20 hours a week Mid May through September.

Gordon Parks High School Youth Worker Coordinator and Farm Intern
For the past 6 years Cornercopia and Gordon Parks High School have been working together to co-create a relationship between our two programs during Gordon Parks summer sessions. The person filling this position will work with the staff at Gordon Parks HS and Cornercopia to develop and execute learning activities at Gordon Parks HS and most importantly at Cornercopia.  During the 6 weeks of the GP summer sessions and the week before classes start, the person filling this position will spend half time working directly with GPHS staff and students.  During the time the GPHS classes are not in session the person filling this position will work at Cornercopia producing food, caring for the land, and providing training and leadership to other farm workers and volunteers.   Additionally the intern filling this position will also provide leadership to develop connections and partnerships with other community groups.

Gordon Parks High School is an alternative high school located on Giggs and University Avenues in St. Paul. Their mission is to create college-bound, career-aware students, fluent in the varied media arts and experienced in work-based learning, who can apply these skills toward change in their lives and communities.

Food Safety & Composting Coordinator
In 2012 Cornercopia created a food safety plan for the farm. Implementing the food safety plan and tracking the onsite composting process are the primary responsibilities of this position. Both of these tasks are fairly simple but require attention to detail as record keeping is involved. An in-depth orientation will be provided for the food safety and composting aspects. This position is typically 15-20 hours / week and goes mid-May through September.

Chicken Interns: 
The University of MN Student Organic Farm, located on the St Paul Campus, will raise broiler chickens this summer. The birds will be raised in a pasture setting, in huts that are moved on a regular basis to give the birds exposure to fresh forage for consumption. We’d like to hire 1-2 students to care for about 150-200 birds per batch, with two batches being raised over the course of 12-13 weeks. The intern can be experienced raising birds, or have a desire to learn about raising broilers in a pasture setting. The birds have to be moved once a day and fed and watered twice a day- this intern would work with other interns and staff to create a schedule so that the chickens are always being cared for. Wayne Martin, Alternative Livestock Specialist with Extension is the adviser for this project. 
Research Opportunities for undergraduate students:
Students are encouraged to apply for research project funding through the UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program http://www.urop.umn.edu/ ) Applications due February 23rd  2015 or the Johnson Undergraduate Research Internship (http://www.misa.umn.edu/StudentPrograms/Internships/JohnsonResearchInternship/index.htm) Applications due Thursday March 12th 2105 4pm. Students with research projects will be a part of the Cornercopia Internship Team working on the farm. Other interns will assist research interns with aspects of their projects and research interns will help out with additional farm activities (planting, weeding, harvesting, processing, going to market, etc.) to get a full experience of farm activities. 

To apply for any of the above listed positions:
Fill out and return Student Application Form to MISA office (413 Hayes Hall in person drop off or mail to 411 Borlaug Hall) or submit via email to tchi0003@umn.edu

Additional questions can be sent to Courtney Tchida at tchi0003@umn.edu

2015 Internship Application: 

Cornercopia U of M Student Farm Intern Application                                     Date Received:
Applications received by March 1st will be given priority, drop off in 413 Hayes (MISA Office) or 411 Borlaug Hall (mailing address for MISA office) or email to tchi0003@umn.edu  

Position Seeking (check all that you are interested in)
 Sales and Marketing Manager
 Volunteer Coordinator
 Outreach Coordinator
 Gordon Parks Outreach
 Food Safety & Compost Coordinator
 Chicken Intern  
 Research Intern (additional application to either UROP or Johnson Internship program required)

Student Information

       Your Name:______________________________________________________________
            Degree Program & Year : (indicate if you are a non-degree student)_________________
             Anticipated Date of Graduation: ____________________ Student ID: _______________
            Email Address:  __________________________________________________________
            Street Address:  __________________________________________________________
            Phone Number: ________________________Is this a cell phone number?____________
Do you have other summer commitments that need to be considered (other jobs, lengthy vacations? ______________________________________________________________

1. Describe your previous garden or farm experience.

2. Describe any related course work you have previously taken.

3. Describe any previous record keeping experience you have.

4. In terms of your professional development, what are your expectations for this internship?

5. Describe any previous management experience you have.

6. Describe any previous experience you have specific to the position you are applying for marketing, volunteer coordinator, outreach, etc.

7. Are you seeking Credit or Pay (typical wage is $10/ hr) for this internship? 


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