Last Week at Cornercopia: First Market Stand, First Volunteers

It has been a busy few weeks on the farm. We went from service learners and apprentices volunteering a few hours every week to adding 11 interns in 2 weeks.

An overview of last week for those of you who won't read the rest of this post: planted potatoes and started tomatoes, first market stand of the season, first official farm tour night, and first volunteers this summer.

Last Tuesday we gave tours to groups from Dodge Nature Center (Preschool teachers) and high school students from Great River School who were visiting the University for a sustainable agriculture intensive. This was the same day that we had our first 3 volunteers. They helped us on one of the less fun days: tomato hole digging. Hopefully we didn't make them swear off gardening after two hours of digging holes with hand trowels. Props to those volunteers!

Last Tuesday we  also harvested spinach for the third week and salad greens for the second week. In other harvesting news- we got a few more asparagus before the rest of the plants went to flower. And the beets started to mature. 

On Wednesday morning we looked at all of our produce (all, hah) and decided we had enough to start doing the market stand. So at 9am we sent out the word on the facebook page and started cleaning and processing the produce. It seemed like a lot, with about 12 lbs of spinach and 15 of salad greens, but looking at the fields today I realized this first market stand was a very small beginning. 

Thursday was potato planting day. There was a small crop mob from UDS (University Dining Services) to help plant potatoes. As far as potatoes go- I had no idea there were blue potatoes! I'm looking forward to some very blue mashed potatoes this fall. I plan to buy all of them, good luck all of you if you intend to get any blue potatoes.
We also started planting the tomatoes on Thursday, and it was a three day, all day process.

Hopefully with more interesting comments next time,