Tomato Planting: A 3 Day Endeavor

The one thing I kept on pestering Courtney about was tomatoes. There were so many in the greenhouse, all quite tall, and I wanted to put those puppies in the ground.

      When do you think we should plant the tomatoes? Is it still too cold at night? Oh, its going to rain so its too wet? 

So I was really excited when I found out we were going to start planting tomatoes. I guess I didn't realize what 97 varieties of tomatoes looked like in terms of field labor. Boy am I glad we have so many workers. I would still be in that field otherwise. And thankfully they all made it a blast.

The green between the tarps is our very favorite- clover pathways.
Volunteer Coordinator (Drew) is frankly the most cheerful intern.

Food safety coordinator (Kendra) and Gordon Parks Outreach Intern (Nate)
 enjoying the smell of fish emulsion while planting tomatoes.



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