May 31st 2016 Season Update

by Casey Selle
It’s been a busy few weeks out in the Cornercopia fields! We had some help planting and getting the fields ready with students from the Student Organic Farming Class offered on the St. Paul campus but the last 3-4 weeks we’ve had our 10 interns out in the field.
Market Manger/ Food Safety: Sarah, Moriah, & Angie
Volunteer Coordinator: Jorie
Outreach Coordinator: Ashley
Weed Management: Reo
Chickens: Casey, Reo, Richard & Joel
Ginger Research: Kalley
One of our first projects of the season was to take everything out of our shed so we could clean and organize it so we will all be able to easily access tools and equipment.
We’ve all been busy preparing the beds for planting by tilling, weeding, and laying down tarps for the onion beds. We’ve transplanted lettuce, turnips, beets, kohlrabi, scallions, cabbage, kale, chard and others! We also helped some of the graduate researchers plant strawberries.
We spent a few days weeding and preparing the high tunnels so that we can could dig 12 inch pits for our ginger research. We also planted some turmeric and galangal root in the high tunnel since they prefer the warm conditions just like ginger.
There’s not much to harvest this early in the season but we’ve harvested plenty of chives and asparagus and a few winter onions.  
We were looking forward to our Potato planting UDS crop mob day, were a bunch of volunteers come out and help us plant all of our potatoes, it unfortunately rained all day but with the help of our interns we got all of the potatoes planted in a few hours!

We’ve been blessed with many sunny days out in the field but it is spring after all so bring on the rain. Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean we stop working! When we’re inside it gives us time to make soil blocks and get more transplants started and move growing transplants from the mist bench into the green house. We also had time to clean out the cooler and scrub all the shelves down as well as clean out all of the bins well be using for produce this season.