Planting season is propelling ahead with full force! It is always such a delight to walk in to the greenhouse on Monday mornings to be greeted by all of our sprouting microgreens! Harvesting our produce is one of my favorite jobs here at the farm and I especially find delight in harvesting the bright, bright, BRIGHT purple amaranth. These little guys are delicious and add such an awesome splash of color to any salad!
Last Friday in the classroom, we discussed the philosophies of growing. It was an extremely informational discussion about a few very specific philosophies of farming: Permaculture, bio intensive, Elliot Coleman, JM Fortier, Curtis Stone, and Lean Farming. While each of the philosophies were interesting to learn about, I was especially drawn to Lean Farming. This philosophy is centered on creating more value with less work. Sounds magical, doesn’t it? Basically, this type of farming forces you to re-evaluate what exactly is waste, and how to get rid of waste on your farm. During our discussion, we talked about specific types of waste in farming. I had never thought of these ideas before, and so I was so excited to learn! One of the types of waste in farming that was enlightening to learn about was motion, which is taking too many steps, looking for tools, and overall wasting time moving from one place to another. I had never considered this before, so it was great to be given a new perspective.
I am looking forward to the next few weeks because we are officially potting up tomatoes and peppers! Check back soon!😀

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