We're All On The Same Page

What I've Learned So Far With Cornercopia

A Smiling Bean Sprout

Running a small organic farm takes a lot of planning. I have learned many different skills here, but one major lesson I have taken away from working with Cornercopia is that planning and having thorough records helps everybody succeed. When I started working with Cornercopia I was eager to play with soil and watch seeds germinate. However, that is only a small part of the work that goes on here. I spent more time counting seeds, recording numbers, tracking orders, and writing tags than anything else during the first few weeks of my apprenticeship!
The meticulous record keeping seemed monotonous at first, but I have since learned how important it is to track each and every step of the process (sometimes twice!). I know that I am working as an integral part of the system when I am inputting data into spreadsheets and websites and I take pride in my work now. If the record keeping started falling behind or was entered wrong there would be a bout of chaos between all of the workers at Cornercopia. We need the systems in place to maintain this well oiled machine and I intend to keep up with the meticulous work throughout the season to ensure we are all consistent, productive, and on the same page.

Written by: Alexa Bobyak 3/8/2017

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