2017 Summer Internships- Now Hiring!

Summer Internships
Most positons are May- Mid October. Working hours on the student organic farm are typically 8 am (or earlier) until 3 or 4pm M-F. Weekend and evening hours can be put in but not exclusively. Weekly group intern meetings and field walks will be held so that everyone understands the goals for the week. There is a fair amount of overlap with duties between all interns. Non-market managers will help out at the farmer’s market. Everyone will help plant, weed, harvest and processing crops.

Marketing Manager Position
The sales/marketing manager is responsible for the marketing activities focusing on product, pricing, promotion and placement. Duties may include but are not limited to:

*Coordinating harvesting and post-harvest processing
*Taking inventory pre- and post-market
*Coordinating the market stand
*Ability to project/determine the demands & needs of the market
*Website, facebook and email updates
*Various record-keeping

This position is typically 25 hours a week. Often Cornercopia hires two-three marketing managers which share the responsibilities for both Minneapolis and St. Paul market stands. Both market stands are currently on Wednesdays (11-2 in MPLS, 3-5 in St. Paul). New for 2017, we will be participating in the Good Acre’s Fall Gopher CSA, so helping organize the harvest for the CSA will also be part of this position.

Volunteer Coordinator Position
Volunteers are an essential part of our labor strategy on the farm and we have lots of interest from all types of people in volunteering on the student organic farm. Recruiting and communicating with volunteers and utilizing them effectively is the motive behind this position. In past years we have organized a number of crop mob volunteer days which were highly successful (20-30 people gathering to volunteer on a weekend day for bigger projects, lunch provided). The Volunteer Coordinator would be encouraged to continue organizing crop mobs and other such events. This position is 23 hours a week on average.

Duties include:

*Recruitment of volunteers
*Schedule dates & times for volunteer workers
*Assignment of tasks to volunteers as needed

Weed Management Intern
Weed Management is part of every intern’s job on the farm but this internship will focus on weed management utilizing tractors and mowers. This intern will receive training to safely run and operate various tractors. Primarily the farm’s walk behind tractor but others as well as needed to help with day to day operations that include rototilling or power harrowing areas for bed prep or cultivating for weed control. Other tasks will include: hitching and unhitching implements safely and efficiently; checking and maintaining fluids in our equipment; reporting breakdowns and disrepair immediately to staff; keeping daily records on labor and equipment use; and regular creative problem solving. Having a detail oriented personality is helpful in this position.  This position will be 20 hours / week.

Ginger Research Intern:
Ginger and Turmeric are Tropical crops that are usually grown in Hawaii, a few adventurous farmers having been trying to grow them in High Tunnels in Minnesota with some success. Farms typically have limited high tunnel space, which is prime real estate for other crops. In 2016 & 2017 Cornercopia Student Organic Farm is participating in a study to grow Ginger and Turmeric both in high tunnels and in field conditions with a few innovative ideas to grow it outside the high tunnel in low tunnels.
We are looking for students interested in helping with this innovated research project. Students will plant, collect data, help manage the plots and have additional opportunities to help with other aspects of the farms. This position will be 20  hours/ week.

Chicken Interns: 
Each summer interns raise broiler chickens on the Student Organic Farm to help increase the sustainability of our fertility source, diversify our farm and raise a high value produce. Our chickens are raised in the poultry barn for the first 4 weeks, after which they move out into the lush pasture on the farm. Outside, the birds are in huts that are moved on a regular basis to give the birds access to fresh forage for consumption. We’d like to hire 2-4 students to care for about 150 birds per batch, with two batches being raised over the course of 12-16 weeks. The intern can be experienced raising birds, or have a desire to learn about raising broilers in a pasture setting. The birds have to be moved once a day and fed and watered twice a day- this intern would work with other interns and staff to create a schedule so that the chickens are always being cared for. Wayne Martin, Alternative Livestock Specialist with Extension is the adviser for this project. 

To apply for any of the above listed positions:
Fill out and return StudentApplication Form to MISA office (413 Hayes Hall in person drop off or mail to 411 Borlaug Hall) or submit via email to tchi0003@umn.edu
Additional questions can be sent to Courtney Tchida at tchi0003@umn.edu
Interviews will be scheduled as applications come in. Please apply by April 19th 2017 4PM at the latest.  


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