So Close to Summer!

Hello fellow farm enthusiasts!

This past Monday was a hard day’s work outside on the farm. We came together as a team to

clean up the patches and dispose of all of last year’s crops and weeds. Man, what a workout it

was pulling up the brassicas! My arms were definitely sore on Tuesday. Not to mention, it was

a very, very, VERY windy day, meaning all of the weeds we pulled up were blowing all around

the farm, making it so that I had to chase them down the field! A very interesting day, to say

the least…

Today, as I write this post, it is down-pouring rain, meaning we won’t be able to get outside

today to plant.  Oh well, there is still plenty to do indoors. Today, we will be soil-blocking and

planting marigolds, romaine lettuces, and tomatillos!

Check back next week for more updates!


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