Get Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved with Cornercopia.


Volunteering on the farm is a great way to see what we do and learn something while you're at it.  At this point, the vast majority of volunteer opportunities take place during the growing season between May and October.  During the growing season, we can always use extra hands for any task, from planting to harvest, tilling to weeding. From time to time, we'll also host big workday events like 2010's "Crop Mobs." If you'd like to come out and volunteer, email us with your information at

Take a course

Currently, there are two courses that afford students the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the Student Organic Farm. In the Fall Mary Rodgers teaches HORT 2031, where students learn all about organic food, including how to grow it.  In the Spring, the Horticulture and Agronomy departments partner with the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture to offer the Student Farm Marketing and Planning course, HORT/AGRO 3131/5131, co-taught by Julie Grossman and Courtney Tchida, the farm coordinator.  These classes aren't just for CFANS students--every year we teach enthusiastic would-be farmers from colleges and departments across the university.


Every summer, Cornercopia hires 5-9 part-time student interns to work, learn, and lead during the growing season.  These internships, though open to all students, have historically gone to those who have already done farm-related coursework in HORT/AGRO 3131/5131 and/or HORT 2031.

Do summer research

Each season, a handful of especially motivated undergraduates choose to pursue grant opportunities to do research at Cornercopia.  UROP and Johnson grants allow students to conduct a research project of their own devising in areas ranging from pest management to volunteer recruitment.

Eat Our Produce

Of course, one of the best and easiest ways to be involved with any farm is to eat the food produced there. Cornercopia sells on Wednesdays at the East Bank on-campus Farmer's Market at Gateway Plaza. July-October, 11am-2pm, and in front of the Andrew Boss Meat Lab 2pm-5pm. The Campus Club in Coffman Union is our biggest customer, and works wonders with the fresh, ultra-local food we send their way. It has also been a pleasure to supply University Dining Services during the last few years.


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